client gets error "xx.xx.xx.xx is not a valid vpn server or
authentication gateway is not loaded on the vpn server.

updated server from 6.0 sp3 to 6.5sp1.1; bm 3.7 to 3.8 sp2a.

I've tried various clients...

Started out following the legacy client config, assuming my current
config would be mostly in tact. had to manually load vpmaster on the
server, but after that nwadmin would let me access vpn master and client
properties and all looked well. authgw was not loaded so loaded that,
but no help there. gave up.

then followed chapter 19 and 20 in craig's book to set up the new way
using imanager. seems like it looks right, but, still no joy. where do
I start?

folks here are restless because this server also runs radius for us,
which also no longer works after the update (that's in another forum) so
there's no remote access of any kind right now.