I am trying to setup our digicert ssl cert for our GroupWise 8 WebAccess server that I just installed.

Server is OES 2 SP3 / SLES 10 SP3

I ran the openssl command to generate my csr, submitted that to DigiCert, and downloaded my files.

Now what?
tried placing them in /apache2/ssl.crt and call them with a .conf created from vhost-ssl.template
restart apache, get an error... rename .conf to .bad, restart apache, no problem...

error I get is: exit status of parent of /user/sbing/httpd2-prefork: 1

any step by step dummy guide that I can follow in order to get my ssl cert working?

This is a new WA server, my existing is running on NW6.5 SP8 and is using an ssl cert from DigiCert..