We are a big company with a lot of Iprint Netware servers at every location. We are at the testing phase where we will be creating the new OES Iprint server for every location running on SUSE LINUX.
I am almost done with the Iprint configuration at every location.
When I install the driver from IPP page of the server, installation goes great for Win 7 64 bit but when I go to Devices and Printers - Properties of the Printer - Security Tab.
I see Everyone, Creator Owner, Administrators and Power users user group can Print, Manage Printer, Manager Documents so in short all of them have full access on the Printer which should not be the case.
As per the Microsoft document when we install any Printer it should have the below mentioned permissions.
Everyone user group should only be able to Print
Creator Owner should only be able to manage there documents.
Power users should be able to Print, Manage Printer and Manage Documents.
Administators should be able to Print, Manager Printer and Manage Documents.

The above security is the default securites set by Microsoft when we install any Printer on the workstation.

I did some testing as we still have Netware Iprint servers in the environment. I installed the driver from Netware IPP page and I see all the default printer security settings in the Printer - Security tab where Everyone is only able to Print and CREATOR OWNER is only able to manage Documents and Administrators and Power users have full access on the Printer.

We have thousands of users who will be very soon using the Iprint Suse linux servers and will be installing the Printer from IPP page. We cannot modify this settings manually on each and every user workstations as there should be a way to fix this either from the server side or any tool?

Installing the driver from Netware IPP page comes up with all the default Printer security settings but Installing the driver from OES suse linux IPP page does not come up with proper Printer security settings which makes me think that there is something wrong either from the server side or from the IPRINT application itself.

I have already tried uninstalling and reinstalling the new iprint client on Win xp and Win 7 Workstations.
Tried with new test Win 7 machines with no prior Network Printer installations, still the same issue.

Has anyone came accross this issue before?
is this a bug with Iprint?

All thoughts are welcomed.

Sanjay K.