I wonder if someone can help me here.

Dynamic DNS is an important service for me, without it working properly using DHCP is impractical, PC's can't find printers, scanners can't find PC's and no-one can find IT team as they're all hiding from the staff in the comms room.
I had some success with the 'update all' version of DDNS - document 3372644 How to setup dynamic DNS (DDNS) on OES2 SP2 server and am starting from that point as a base.

- By the way if you want to configure DDNS that single page printout is a million times more useful the utterly soul destroying DNSDHCP Administration guide for Linux - obviously written by a dnsdhcp genius and basically a very good high level overview followed by a microscopically detailed list of every single tick box and entry field available in iManager and the DNS/DHCP management console... and really of no use to anyone trying to configure the services for the first time as there's no practical context - reading that is like being given a satellite picture of the earth and a list of car parts and being told 'drive me to Cornwall'...where do you start ? :o)

anyway - Is there an equivalent document to 3372644 to show how to configure Dynamic DNS using TSIG keys on OES2 -SP3, one written for a definite non-genius, please...?

Currently I have managed to create TSIG keys, both DNS and DHCP keys (which I feel may be the problem... as I'm getting "bad key" mentions in the /var/log/messages log.
NB note to documentation authors telling people 'this is where you put the secret key' next to the box marked secret key doesn't explain things
- it seems that you can just populate this with a random set of characters (as long as the number of characters is divisible by four)
I used an eight character entry and find in the logs messages saying this is too small to be secure... but not if it won't work because of it.

I have entered the DNS TSIG keys in the DNS Zone control list's 'allow update options' section, but don't know if I need to configure the subsequent 'update policy option' for it to work
Also in the DHCP section I've added the DHCP keys created when following the TID to enable you to view DHCP leases.

any help will be appreciated...