I have heard rumours that it is possible to add the Webaccess 7 templates to a Webaccess 8 installation, in order to regain the possibility to open emails with a single click. This way you would get the option to offer next to the Full and Simple interfaces also a 7 interface that the server can show to its clients.

Unfortunately I don't know enough about the inner workings of webaccess to find out if this is even possible and if true, what files I should copy from the webaccess 7 server and which configuration file I should change so the webaccess 8 server will accept and offer the added templates.

Is this possible, and if so, how should I go about this?

The question of course has arisen from the users of certain mobile devices that can't double click. I know that the next version of webaccess will address this problem, but I need a solution sooner than that.