I began my search for remotely refreshing a workstation's Zen Window and found the handy little utility, "AutoRun.exe". Unfortunately, whatever this little guy does is low-level enough that it does not like being remote started by PsExec.

Eventually I figured that AutoRun.exe could be run through the "Remote Execute" feature in ConsoleOne, but I needed to script this action. Finding out that "Desktop4.exe" can be used in a command line fashion and potentially be incorporated into a PowerShell script, I set about creating my RemAgent.ini file and running some commands. Eventually I figured out that either our Remote Management server or the Novell Agent versions were not up-to-date enough to avoid this bug: Unable to run a command line as a parameter with Desktop4.exe to facilitate automatic execution in scripts to do functions

So, no problem I thought, I will find what versions of the client and server software we need to be on. It turns out the server side has a version which is not supposed to have this bug, but that the Novell Agent does NOT have the SP1 patch that is needed to overcome this particular bug. I take the time to explain this all to my manager, he upgrades his client to a newer version so we can test the "Remote Execute" functionality

But now, nothing works. Everytime I try any of the "remote control/view/execute" commands with Desktop4.exe, I get the message "Unable to get IP address of <workstation> from Novell eDirectory"

The Novell documents say to do a DSRepair on the Remote Management console server. How do I know which server this is? Why am I no longer able to perform any remote control operations through Desktop4.exe?

I am aware of the incorrect documentation about the weird syntax in the "Desktop4.exe" executable when doing the 'Remote Execute' operation. My commands look like:

C:\Novell\ConsoleOne\1.3.6hp2\bin> Desktop4.exe -w"Wrkstation.org" -n"Tree_Name" -c"Remote Execute"

Any thoughts Novell guru's?