We are connecting BM 3.8 with another third party VPN server. The third
party VPN server IP address is changed.

I know the best way to do it may be that deleting the VPN member first,
and recreating the member and traffic rule with new IP.

However in a rush, I did not delete the (Third Party) VPN member, just
change the IP address, and change the third party traffic rule's gateway
address. (Since we have quite a few tunnels, this is why I did not
delete the server at the first place.)

Now everything seems working fine. The only problem/issue(?) is the
default third party traffic rule still have the old IP address. That
rule can not be changed in iManager.

Is there any (safe) way to modify the default third party rule object?
Or I have to recreate the member and traffic rule ? (Even I deleted the
VPN member now, I doubt that that default rule will be deleted because
the IP is already changed.)