Hey all,

this is my first post in this forum so first of all i want to say hello to you and greetings from germany .

i got the following problem. I hope someone knows the issue:

I got a Windows 7 Enterprise test machine with several language packs installed on that i want to deploy a bundle with special requirements. The bundle should only be installed when the following registry key with the value and value data currently exists:

HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Control Panel\Desktop
Value and value data: PreferredUILanguages=en-US (or de-de, fr-fr ect.)

Also the bundle is set to install on every zenworks login and always install. It just copies an xml configuration file of filezilla with diferent languages pre-defined so that if the user changes the display language of windows filezilla will also be displayed in the chosen langauge.
So basically i want to read from registry what display language windows 7 enterprise is CURRENTLY using by the logged-in user.

Problem is that zenworks seems not to be able to read the above mentioned registry-key of a string type REG_MULTI_SZ or am i wrong ?
Does someone happen to know another place in registry where i can find out the current used display language maybe with a simpler type like REG_SZ which i know zenworks can use fine ?

I googled everywhere but did not find an answer yet

Many thanks in advance