I´m not able to inventorying files or folders with Novell Remote Manager on OES2 SP3. All actually updates installed In the past it was no problem. We are running four OES2 SP3 Servers, all with the same problem. It seems that an update causes this problem, because the error doesn’t exist before.

I show you exactly what i would like to to.

In Remote Manager in the column “View File System” I choose “Volume Inventory” and the desired volume. Nothing happens, the CPU utilitization reaches 100%. I can wait hours but the Inventory Report never appears. This problem doesn’t exist on our 15 Netware servers.

In the following picture you can see the problem:

BilderHoster.net - Dein Bilderhoster vng1wlpn.jpg

Here you can see the same on Netware where it works:

BilderHoster.net - Dein Bilderhoster 962cly92.jpg

It´s very important for me to counting the files and folders. I have to do this every day for backup control.

Help would be appreciated.

Andreas Schier