I have NW65 on SP5. I am considering upgrading to either SP7 or SP8. On Novell's SP8 page it says

"Evaluating NetWare 6.5 SP8
The software you download includes a full license. You can install NetWare 6.5 SP8 on a virtual machine or on a physical server. You are authorized to evaluate the product for 90 days after which Novell requires you to either purchase the OES 2 product or uninstall NetWare."

So do I take that to mean:
If I don't own NW65 then I can evaluate the software and then buy it 60 days later, BUT, if I DO own NW65 then SP8 will simply upgrade me, and I will continue to work fine and I don't need to buy a new licence?
Or does it mean, whether I own NW65 or not then I will need to buy a new licence after 60 days?

Or should I just stick with SP5?