HTC Arrive phone: message replys when created on the phone are blank when
they come back into the GW system. The sent item message indicates that
there is an attachement but nothing appears when you open the message with
the GW client or WebAccess client. BUT IF you resend the message then the
message body appears and the attachement TEXT.HTM appears which contains the
message body. In viewing the MIME encoding from the orginal message sent by
the phone from my outbound email firewall, the orginal message is truly
empty and blank but the re-sent item is perfect just as it appears from the
Win7 device.

Another issue is that HTML formatted messages display but the background is
yellow, that's not a deal breaker but the blank sent items is a major

I first came across this problem and thought it was caused by enabling HTML
for IOS device but since turning it off I have found that updating to the
latest 1.1 428 build is what created it. disabling HTML view has had no
effect. This user had no problem until I applied the latest update.

There aren't too many Win7 devices out there (this is the only one of 300+
other devices on my server) but has anyone had any issues with Win7 devices?

Any suggestions of what to do to fix this other than the advice I gave my
user, get a iPhone or Android phone?