I try to setup the vpn settings.
At first our environment:
NW 6 SP5; eDir 8.7.3; BM3.8 SP2a (one of three NW servers)

Ok, now to my questions:

I set up the master vpn server with the vpncfg tool.
In this step I wrote a wrong VPN tunnel address.
The address was /
In a manual I read that I have the VPN tunnel address to set like
this: /

Ok, I deleted the vpn setup with the "remove vpn server

After this, I setup the configuration new.

But now, in the inetcfg tools (vpn tunnel) stands still the
And when I run the reinitialize system I get the message that the vpn
tunnel address is wrong!

How change I the tunnel address?!?

My second question is:
When I start the iManager2.0.2 to setup the vpn certifications I see
the VPN-Connection Configuration.
In this menue I can setup the MASTER VPN server!?!
The entries in this menue all empty! Is this normal?
I think I had setup the MASTER VPN server with the vpncfg tool?!?

Also the Site-to-Site and Client-to-Site entries are all empty, but in
the NWADMIN I had make this entries?!?

Is this normal? Have I setup this information in both config tools
(iManager and nwadmin)?

Thanks for any help!