Here are my questions :

1) When you upgrade an existing BM3.5/6/7 Master to 3.8 I'm assuming
it continues to communicate with the existing BM3.5/6/7 Slaves
using the old legacy method i.e. VPNCFG, NWADMIN Site-to-Site etc etc?
Or do you use the IKE based set-up via IManager and it cleverly emulates
the old legacy VPN services?

2)Further to upgrading the Master to BM3.8, could you then go on to add a
new IKE based Site-to-Site VPN to a brand new site with a new BM3.8 Slave
server, whilst still communicating with the legacy Slaves?

3)If you add a new BM3.8 server into a legacy environment as a Slave
using VPNCFG, how do get the legacy Client-to-site to work through
NWADMIN, VPN clients report lack of AUTHGW or something like that?

4) Does BM3.8 allow multiple IKE based Site-to-Site VPNs from the same

5) How do you add NIASCFG and Remote Access (aka NetWare Connect) to a
BM3.8 server?

Thanks in advance..