We have run into some issues while trying to build our Windows 7 image.
The biggest one is that many times, most of the user assigned bundles do
not appear on the workstation. I can go into the ZCC and look at the
user and Relationships and Assigned Bundles and see all of the bundles
listed there. But when I log into one of our test PCs, nothing shows
up. Actually, there is a single "User-Assigned Bundle" in the list.
Currently, all of our bundles are associated with the container, not the
individual user.

It seems like it might be PC related as it doesn't matter what user I log
in as, none have the bundles appear. But this was freshly imaged and on
some the bundles show up. I have tried a refresh of the agent, as well
as a logout and login of the agent.

We are running 10.3.3 and have the latest agent installed on the PC.
What logs should I be looking at to see why the Bundles are not showing

Timothy M. Musa
Community Consolidated School District 93
Carol Stream, IL