I've been lurking the last few days trying to figure out how to set up VPN
services for our BM3.8sp2/NW6.0.5 system to allow wireless users (within our
building) to access our network directly.

Right now, I have a Linksys WRV54G wireless VPN router sitting outside our
firewall (BM server) which is also used to connect to our cable modem for
regular internet access. My "public" IP network is and our
private network is (NAT'ed by BM.)

From what I've read, NIASCFG can't be used to setup the VPN services in
BM3.8, and this matches my experience ("Cannot start configuration program
for Virtual Private Network" from NIASCFG.NLM). Currently, I'm running
iManager 1.2.2, which I understand has to be upgraded to version 2.0.2 to
configure BM3.8. Now it seems I also need to update eDirectory from my
current version 8.6.2 to 8.7.1 or later (according to the "installing
iManager on Netware 6" pre-requisites in the documentation). It's all
getting pretty complicated!

I've got Craig's "Beginner's Guide to BorderManager 3.x" 2nd edition, and
plan to purchase his latest offering, as it covers BM3.8. Does this edition
detail the necessary iManager, eDir, and any other "pre-requisite" upgrades
as well?

Any help, ideas, caveats, would be appreciated!