I am lost as to what/where to look in troubleshooting DS. Here is my problem.

Setup server, created group to add users as members to for easily synching.
My account is in the group, shows up in ds admin page. I can login as my account and adjust settings.

I setup my droid with TouchDown, and it sync'd just fine on Thursday night.
Friday, no new mail on the phone for the four folders I have setup to sync.
no new appts sync'd

Saturday, setup ipad2 to sync.
Mail/Calendar are up to date as of the Thursday night initial sync.
No new mail/appts since Thursday night.

I can send messages from each device without issue.

I have a second user on the box, and I just emailed him to ask if he is seeing the same with his droid/TouchDown setup. His account was initially sync Friday afternoon.