I'm looking at a server migration to linux within the next month as well as upgrading my workstations to Windows 7. Through the entire GroupWise 8 versions, I've been experiencing a calendar bug identified as Defect #611203. In short, the GW8 client is missing the features that allow selecting whether to change the single occurrence or all occurrences of that event if you change it.

I'm starting to get into a bind. I have a handful of users that need this functionality and half of them are due Windows 7 machines in the next couple of months, and the rest would be forced to upgrade to GW8's client with the server migration. This brings me to my question, are there any 3rd party calendar applications that can connect to GroupWise's calendar system (and proxy accounts) so that my group of users can continue managing their calendars correctly while I wait for the defect to be resolved in some future version of GroupWise? Thanks!