I am having an issue with the slave sites not communicating via IP.

Here is the configuration:

Master Site:


Slave sites:



From a PC in the Master site LAN, I can ping all networks in the VPN.
From both slave sites, I can ping the master site private LAN. From
either slave site, I can not ping any devices in the other slave site.

I have checked the routes in INETCFG and they are there.

What I have discovered is that with filters unloaded, I cannot ping the
public interface on either slave site from the other. The Master site can
ping both slave sites public interfaces. Also, I can ping and trace route
to the routers at the slave sites without incident, but I am still unable
to ping that slave server. Can it be anything other than a routing
issue? When I tracert to the public interface the last hop is a serial
interface on that router. My ISP says the routes are correct.

Any other ideas?

Steve D.