I have 2 BorderManager servers both running BM3.8 sp1, one is NW6sp3 the
other NW6sp4. I am using SKIP mode on the VPN client. The client is
bm3xvpn7. I can establish a VPN connection to either server with no
errors. Everything works fine. I set up a connection to an AS400 using
telnet (Client Access Express) that works just fine. If that is the only
connection that is using the VPN, when the AS400 sends the client a telnet
keep-alive packet the packet does not make it to the client pc and the
telent connection is dropped. If I keep a ping going to another host or
use a Citrix connection to a server, the keep-alive packet is received by
the client and the connection does not drop. The VPN timeout is set to
3hrs, the keep-alive packet is sent every 10-15 minutes of no activity.
The VPN connection is not dropping, just the telent connection to the
AS400. I have the same problem no matter which firewall I attach to. It
acts like a table (routing) is timing out and the first packet is dropped
while the table is rebuilt. The AS400 only sends 1 keep-alive packet
before dropping the connection. One firewall is doing NAT on the Private
interface the other is not and is the gateway of last resort. Any ideas
would be greatly appreciated. Scott