Hey Guys,

I'm just wondering if anyone also burdened with Symantec Endpoint Protection is having the problem we now seem to be facing.

Whenever we download the Zenworks agent from our ZCM Server (linux) to a PC, symantec Quarantines it. This has only started happening this week (there was a definition update yesterday).

We usually download the the full 32bit version (i've had trouble with the network install before).

The Symantec risk log gives a really obscure reason for blocking the "PreAgentPkg_AgentComplete.exe" file, it says the risk is "WS.Reputation.1" :

WS.Reputation.1 | Symantec

Our Symantec build is 12.1.601.4699 I would post this on the symantec forums, but I think there is more chance of finding one of you guys running Symantec, than someone on the Symantec forums using Zenworks.

Our Antivirus Monkey is off this week, but I was just curious if anyone else was having the same problem, it seems to be happening on all our PC's.