system: (2 node sles10.3 + oes2sp3 cluster + edirmaster and dsfw)

I wiresharked on a windows 7 client with novell-client 2sp1 from the point where you click on the "Tree" Button on the Novell-Client to search for a tree.

The first time I clicked,e no tree was found; wireshark showed around 7 or 8 attempts with SRVLOC to but nothing was returned.

On the second click on Tree the ip of a DA was chosen for the srvloc request and the tree was found.

my question:
Why does the NC try to go over (SLPv2 Discovery Multicast Address)? We have configured 2 DA IPs in the Novell Client? Can we somehow turn this multicasting off - he should just try to reach one of the two DAs?