Having a spot of trouble with two Bordermanager 3.8 servers. One is setup
as per Craigs (rather handy) book as a master and I'm setting up the second
as a slave.

From iManager on the master server, when adding the slave server I get the
following message:

The Site To Site service was modified partially.

The Site To Site service was not modified due to following reasons: - Failed
to create Site to Site member:SLAVE-FWVPNS2SMASTER-FW.Servers.Org

I've changed the server names to protect the innocent. All the info on the
page has been filled in correctly - ie IP Addresses, Certificate Issuer,
Subject Name, Protected IPs etc etc etc.

I did find a TID which suggested that the schema hadn't been extended
properly so I did it manually and it said successful. If it wasn't extended
correctly during install, would it have buggered up the master server VPN
info etc? I can get client-to-site ok, albeit in backwards compatibility

Any help much appreciated!

Cheers, James