Hi All

I am planning a new ZENWorks install that'll focus on ZCM though patch
and asset management may go in as well in the future if the money
becomes available. One thing I am having a hard time finding is a
useful sizing guide for smaller shops. Only sizing details have been
how many servers when I'm looking for how small a single VM can I get
away with carving out. This is for a network that is smaller than some
of the charts they use for # of servers needed, with under 200 devices
to manage.

- What would be a good size for / on a SLES11 VM. I've been using 15GB
for most of our OES2 deployments without issue.
- What are good spots for some typical mount points for ZENWorks so
that we don't fill up /
- I'm guessing it will be fine to allocate one 1 core unless I can be
pointed to something that justifies more.
- Give the new pricing structure of VMware 5, I'm inclined to only give
this 1GB of RAM, or even a bit less.

I really wish we could have standardized prerequisites and requirements
places for each product. With smaller shops, there just isn't a cost
benefit to a full lab test/dev to blindly stumble to find such data, it
should really be more available in a consistent place than it is now.
The SMB space really wants to be able to take one shot at it and it be
in the right neighborhood.

Andy Konecny
KonecnyConsulting.ca in Toronto
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