So on my test box I've been playing with this new fangled AD thing-a-ma-bob
and am trying to determine how I will construct my actual 'domain' when I
get around to actual deployment.

My test domain I made some basic assumptions that while they work, they are
causing me some confusion and a couple of issues.

A domain in MS terms pseudo resembles a domain as you might have configured
in DNS, yet it is in actuality a subdomain in my test case. So I have
domain of, my MS domain is

On the client side this causes an issue since if I am to use the MS domain
server, it conflicts with my local DNS here operating as On the
client workstation therefore the machine id becomes
instead of This has an effect on telnet where it picks up the
domain suffix. So if I try telnet server (without fully qualifying) I get instead of I really don't like
typing fqdn's all day so am wondering how to construct my MS domain such
that this does not happen.

This server will not be on the internet so all of this domain business is
strictly internal, granted I plan to follow best practices in the event it
at some point would need to be.

Any ideas?