I believe I have all the settings for BM3.8 VPN setup correctly.

New server setup, iManager working correctly, all VPN settings show up as
the way we want, I believe.

VPMaster loaded, Authgw loaded, no errors. IKE only showing: Read trusted
root cert file sys:\etc\ike\rootcert\c2s001.der etc... or srv001.der

iManager was setup very simply to allow NMAS users. Added rule to allow 1
user as the exception.

We do get the server to respond to LDAP as well, it recognizes the need for
a password and prompts when we enter in the ldap context.

However, the error occurs whether the user is supposed to have access to the
VPN or not.

key management shows IDE
encryption type and authentication type shows negotiable on the VPN Status
key size is both domestic.

It looks like it sees the server, but something is missing.

We just get :

Falied NMAS authentication
Please check username and context or hardware config for NMAS (if any) or
NMAS credentials
NMAS error FFFFF990

Even if I use a phone name, we get this errors. Seems like it isn't reading
the exception correctly.

Can I see what it should look like from a working model?