We are running Novell Data Synchronizer build 428 and GW 8.0.2. I have a user who is in customer service. He likes to move his sent items into cabinet folders that corresponds with each customer he deals with. When he does this on the iPhone it moves the sent item into the folder correctly. When he gets back to the office and checks within GW, the item is still in sent items. Then he has to move the item a second time from within GW. He claims this only occurs when he has his out-of-office rule turned on. I have tested with my account and an iPhone. With the out-of-office rule on or off I can move an item to a cabinet folder on the iPhone correctly. When I check my GW client it shows a sent item in the cabinet folder and also still in sent items. If I move the sent item to the cabinet folder it does not create a second copy of the sent item.