I'm trying to communicate with groupwise using the asynchronous functions in a silverlight application.

So far I managed to login to groupwise using the loginRequestAsync and loginRequestCompleted functions.
This one also returns the session string I'm supposed to use in the other functions.

My problem is I don't know where to use that session string as the functions I'm using don't have an argument where it can be specified.

And the functions of course return with the error "missing session string".

So the question is: where do I use that session string

Tx, vha

I tried using following code:

Private sub GetFolderList(SessionString as string)
Dim req As GWWS.getFolderListRequest = New GWWS.getFolderListRequest
req.recurse = True
req.parent = "folders"

ws.getFolderListRequestAsync(req, e.Result.session)
End Sub

Public Sub ws_getFolderListRequestCompleted(ByVal sender As Object, ByVal e As GWWS.getFolderListRequestCompletedEventArgs) Handles ws.getFolderListRequestCompleted
' Here I get "missing session string" in e.Result.status.description
End Sub