Hi everyone; I have a problem that should be easy to answer, yet I've been in contact with several IT people and 90 minutes later still have no answer. As the forum heading suggests, I am using Novell's Groupwise Webaccess. I was given an email address through my University employer, and this is the email system that they use. I have ended my contract with the university and have been given 60 days more usage of Groupwise, but I would like to keep at least some of the information in my emails.
1) can I export my address book to... anything, really, just so I can keep my contacts?
2) is there any way I can download my emails?

This extra info may or may not be helpful:
I only have access to the web version of Groupwise
I am using a mac
I have other email accounts, including gmail, hotmail, and outlook. I don't mind exporting this info into any of them.

Thank you for your help!