After applying the ZCM 11.0 Cumulative Agent Patch 2a, none of my policies are working. In the ZAA policy window, in the 'Type' column I see the following: DLUPolicy.Name, RMPolicyHandler.Name and for each policy I have associated to either the machine or user and each policies effecive status is "Failed".

The failure messages are as follows:
- Could not find a Handler associated with the following type: dlu policy.

I get the same handler message for group policies also. For the remote management policies I get the following:

Could not find a results file for remote management policy. Message: Could not find file 'C:\Windows\TEMP\2e6d1b1f-6d88-4643-9032-2fcb8954ff8a\-remote_management_policy-880584Output.xml'.. Missing file: C:\Windows\TEMP\2e6d1b1f-6d88-4643-9032-2fcb8954ff8a\-remote_management_policy-880584Output.xml.

All of my bundles are still working. Anyone else having similar issues with policies?