I have read all the threads I can find about this, and still don't have
an answer, so ....

I have a GW8.0.2 system with Netware 6.5SP8. Everything has been
working fine until this issue.

One employee was out on leave, and we created another employee login &
password for the temp person, then gave proxy rights to the person on leave.

Then the regular employee returned. His email & Novell login work fine
etc. and his archives seem intact.

However, Notify does not Notify. That is, on the first new email,
mouse-over will show notifications & you can double-click to open the
Notify box with the list, but there is no pop-up despite options set to
pop up. After that first notification, the Notify list never updates
with any new emails, and continues to not pop up; it seems like at
least most of the time, the box won't even open to show the list.

I have tried various fixes for other mentions of this, including
re-sync'ing the Groupwise user to the edir user, running GWcheck various
ways (structural rebuild, analyze/fix, DELSUBSCRIBERCORDS, etc.)

When I initially looked at the Notify options, it showed two records for
the same user & I couldn't get rid of that, but after the re-sync, it
properly only shows one record for the person. I'm not aware of this
user ever being renamed, but it is possible & I understand that's the
usual cause for this issue. I also don't know how long the issue has
existed, though there was mixed info that it may pre-date the employee
being on leave.

So where do I go now with it? I just want the normal pop-up etc. I
don't want to completely remove the user, if possible, though I wouldn't
be averse to removing them in Groupwise (only) and re-creating the
mailbox if there is a way to do so, since they have almost all mail
archived. But if the re-sync didn't fix this, what will?


-- DE