Hi folks,

We use here Vibe over SSL (port forwarding how's described in installation guide page 58). It works. So far so good.
But two things are not work:
First: No connect between GroupWise (Ver. 8) and Vibe (Ver. 3.1).
Second: No WebDav (file editing) on Windows XP machines (is there a workaround appear on the horizond for windows 7).
I opened a support call about this (# 10707396611) but Novell has no solution.
We observe this problem since version 1 (Teaming).

Now I have two questions to you:
First: Is there anybody out there how use Vibe over SSL and if there the same problem?
Second: Can it be true that the most of Vibe use over port 80? If yes, do run this software in a working environment with real company contend?

Best regards