Hi all. I have fought tooth and nail to keep our company with Novell for 6 years, trashing any AD sales man that walked through the door with ease due to the amazing product suite of OES with eDirectory, iprint etc etc.

We have 10 Netware servers (stable as anything) which approx 600 users connect to, and a brand new OES2 cluster (unstable, horrific, due to be rebuilt as 64 bit OES is a horrible mixture of 32/64 bit libraries which has utterly broken, even Novell experts could not fix it, nor explain why it had gone wrong) running on SLES10 with over 600 users. We use 700 devices on Zenworks 7.

As already mentioned, NOvell support is quite simply the worst in the entire world, and I rarely phone them now and usually manage to fix all my faults.. and now its license renewel times,

Renew Zenworks - Fine
Renew Novell licenses for 1200 users, fine
Pay an extra 65000 for the 600 users that need upgrading to an OES2 license... WTF!?!?!?

All these users run Windows xp, with client 4.91 happily. All use iprint which runs from every server locally, all obviously use eDirectory. They all get exactly the same service, except the Netware users have greater stability.

So what exactly am I paying for? Its not support.. Its not for enhanced service.. as far as I am concerned it is nothing.

Can anyone advise exactly what half my users, with absolutly no visible or obvious gains are going to pay for? What is my 65000 buying exactly?. The AD salesman are rubbing their hands as the management dont care about how great eDirectory is compared to AD and Novell is about to be completelt eradicated from the company based on this 'extra cash for sweet ****** all' they are demanding.

I am actually considering migrating back to a Netware cluster to be honest, I dont care if its not supported as I know the kernal back to front, but this is a clear step back. Novell are coming in next week to try and sell sell sell, but I want to be fully prepared