Hi folks.
This has been asked before, in different formats, but no answer I have found answers my question.

ZCM 10.3

We have quite a few "force run" bundles.
However, they may have different user or device assignments.

Bundle1 = MSI installation, assigned to STAFF Users, to run at login.
Bundle2 = MSI installation, assigned to ALL Devices, to run at refresh.
The installation order must be Bundle1 then Bundle2.

It should be noted that there are many more than 2 bundles, and not all are MSI.
Some may be run once, others may need to run many times.

I'm a bit confused on the best way to accomplish the order, and to avoid conflicts. For example:

If they are two separate bundles, then they may both attempt to run at the same time.
There would be an MSI error on one (as you can only run one MSI at a time).

If I create a bundle group, then I can't assign the first to run on STAFF only at login, and the second to run on ALL devices at refresh.

If I create a bundle chain (dependencies), then I can't assign the first to run at login, and the second to run on refresh.

I can't put in requirements for each bundle as they are not directly related to each other.
What is the best solution to ensure that I can have different types of force run relationships, but maintain an order?