I have an nss volume running on my suse box in originally only Netware tree. Shared is a folder at the root level of the volume. All the folders directly under shared are being duplicated at the root level as separated folders in edirectory: Shared\temp, Shared\print, Shared\test etc. The data is not being duplicated on the volume because I can look at the /media/nss/volume folder and see only the Shared folder at the top level.

When I first put these in place they were clean installs with the nss volume on a separate drive and the duplication WAS NOT THERE after restoring the data from the backup.
I have 4 suse boxes in my tree and this problem is on 2 of them.

The duplication only shows up on Windows XP machines (I've tried several), not windows 7. Both are running the latest client for each.