Had a customer who called in after the hba went south in her server and
needed assistance on why her grpwise volume showed no data when mapped
back up to the server. I pop in on the backside of the san and could
tell that data still resided on the volume. After further
trouble-shooting I recalled years(14 to be exact) ago a incident where a
nw partition got trashed and someone from provo had to remote in and
massage the bits to recover the partition. On that hunch I got the
customer on a conf call with her partner and told them of my hunch.

When I got into the office yesterday I had the most pleasant email from
the customer that the provo gurus had recovered the partition and she
was back up-n-running.

I'm sole Netware guy in copilot and knowing that provo is still around
to assist my rare NW customers is a blessing. Whoever you are out there
in provo thank you!

Ted Novak