- GroupWise 8.0.2.hp2
- DataSynchronizer 1.1, build 428
- GW-User in an eDir OU with a German Umlaut, eg. ou=geschft,o=company
- more than one mobile device to be synced for that account
(Only *ONE* mobile device works great, just the 2nd will fail)

With NTS' help I just figured out, that there is a strange bug, that will block a
2nd device to sync with an GW-Acount, when the eDir User Object is in an container,
that has a German Umlaut in it (it was an "", <alt>+numpad<0228>)

When adding the account to the mobile device (here: iPhone), the verification of
User/Pass/DS-IP will succeed. When it tries to retrieve the emails, it throws an
"unable to contact server".

In this case the container in question just held some few users, no server objects
or other critical stuff. But a lot of NSS trustees were associated with it.

So this was the way, to move the users, rename the container, and move the users

- DataSync: Delete DS-GW and DS-mobility accounts for these users
- eDir: nds health check
- eDir: C1, User, right mouse, GW Utils, GW-Edir Assoc, disassoc GW attribs
- GW : C1, GW View, all users are "pale" (white) icons. (disassoc)
- eDir: create temp organisational unit.
- eDir: move user objects
- eDir: Master replica, wait for all replicas to be synced
- eDir: rename the OU in question (replaced the "" with "ae")
- eDir: wait to replicate changes
- eDir: move the users back to the renamed, original OU
- eDir: C1, User, right mouse, GW Utils, GW-Edir Assoc, reassociate users
- DataSync: Create accounts for DS-GW and DS-mobility

Done (it was not necessary to del/recreate the accounts on the mobile devices)

Now it was possible to sync to more than one device per GW-Account

Thanks to Kiran Patil for his patience and assistance.

Regards, Rudi.

IT-Beratung Rudolf Thilo
Schweinfurter Str. 131
97464 Niederwerrn