Our firm has been synching GroupWise to iPhones for a couple of years. Currently we have 12 iPhone/NotifyLink users. Eleven of the twelve are working a-ok.

One of the users is high-profile and depends upon this service. This account has intermittently been losing synched messages on a weekly basis for three months.
I have been working with NL support and taken the following actions:
Cleared registration/re-registered account
Deleted the NotifyLink ActiveSynch account
recreated account on NotifyLink server
re-registered account on iPhone
Reprimed the SyncMLCheckpoint table
He is still losing synch and all emails will disappear from his iPhone.
NotifyLink support has concluded that it is not the NL server, that the problem is most likely NL connecting via IMAP to our GW server.

I have run maintenance on the account, and this has not solved the problem.

Has anyone experienced this type of problem with iPhone/NL/GW? Could it be the device?? Could it be where the individual lives, as problem seems to occur when he is away from the office. Any suggestions and/or troubleshooting recommendations would be greatly appreciated.

Patrick Parks