I have a strange problem with S2S VPN.

I have 2 sites with connected with a BM 3.8 and NW6.5 servers.
This has been worked correctly.

Now i must change the public ip-address on both sides.
I have removed the VPN tunnel and servers.
And make new servers and a tunnel with the new ip-addresses.

The tunnel will not come up.
When i look in the Remote Monitor - VPN Activity
I see 2 tunnels. one with the old ip-address and one with the new correct
address. Both are trying to connect to the same slave servername.

I need to remove the old ip-address but i don't know where.
I had removed the total VPN tunnel and server and also al the
Also removed the VPN directory and the IKE directory.
With Console One, Imanager and the Remote manager, i cannot find the old

I there someone who can tell my where this information can be removed?

With regards,