I've been working on my environment have come across these 2 gotchs that
people may like to be aware off . I'm also looking for any ideas on how to
fix the issues :)

1) Default routes are not published as described in the RFCs on NW 5.X and

NetWare support 2 options for RIP publishing on an Interface. The first
which just publishes the default route is ok. The second, which publishes
all available routes is not as it does not publish the default route

This means that in a complex environment that may have many different known
and default routes all managed by the route costs, its difficult to install
NW as part of the routing path as it restricts the information published to
the next device in the chain.

2) Odd issue with class A addresses (example

With at least NW6.0 SP2 I am unable to publish a sub-netted address of
10.10.x.x/ from the server, while publishing a static route of does work.