I have a critical "Run Script" action in a bundle. When verifying the bundle, the script doesn't seem to run and the verify action hangs indefinitely.

I see the following lines in the ZCM Log:
 [DEBUG] [07/21/2011 19:05:48.670] [5880] [runscriptenf] [1] [TeachGH] [Run Script Action] [] [Found script engine cmd.exe. Not using it since cmd.exe does not take parameters.] [] [] 
 [DEBUG] [07/21/2011 19:05:58.311] [5880] [runscriptenf] [1] [TeachGH] [Run Script Action] [] [Run Script Action - Ended - 7:05:58 PM] [] []
nothing else is logged after those 2 lines. It seems like ZCM decides not to run the script for some reason, but is still waiting for it to complete? Or is it possible that it has moved onto the next action, but it is hanging there and not reporting it to the log?

I have no time to troubleshoot right now, will do so in depth tomorrow. Just wanted to get this posted in case anybody has a clue.