I recently created a new post office to provide a different global signature for about 100 of our users. The majority of them was already moved, without any problems. However there are 4 users, who want to use their remote mailbox and nothing else, that cannot send/receive mails anymore. I went through the remote accounts options countless times already, without beeing able to find any errors in the settings. The domain and post office settings were changed after the move, the connection settings are correct and the adress provided there can also be pinged by the workstation that is trying to connect. Still I receive an error when trying to send/receive which says "connection error - view status windows for details" ( sorry if the wording is not 100% correct, but I am working on german versions ).

I have so far tried to recreate the remotemailbox, and I have also tried to reinstall groupwise entirely - all those 4 persons keep getting the same errors. Wierdly enough one of them reports that the remote mailbox seems to work temporarily for a few minutes a day, but I have not been able to approve that so far. 3 of them run on Windows 7 64bit, one of them on XP 32bit. I am ran out of ideas and starting to have angry users =(

I would be extremely greatful for any ideas on this case. If nothing else I will have to start replacing workstations, but I would rather gather enough experience to solve the issue.

Thanks lots !