Our ZDM 7 SP1 server (NetWare 6.5 SP8 - edir version: 8.8 SP4 SMP - we also use ENGL version 4 for ZDM 7 SP1 with IR3a) had a problem last week in so much as the eDirectory database was corrupted.
We were unable to fix this any other way than to re-install eDirectory (due to the fact this is our only ZDM server onsite we didn't want to rebuild it).

This seemed to work with a little tweaking here and there with objects and assocications and app distribution etc is all working.

However we now can't get imaging to work at all.

The error we get is the "LDAP:Init or LDAP:InitSSL has not been called" - from previous issues with this we know it's the server certificates that are usually the problem. These have been recreated (initially using pkidiag and a restart) but this hasn't worked - I have recreated them all again using iManager and need to restart but haven't done that yet (will be doing later).

The imaging policy is assigned correctly to the new NCP object (same name/IP etc) and PXE booting a workstation finds the imaging server ok but when the script runs for doing the hardware detection etc it fails with the above error.

Unsure as to whether a re-creation of the policy objects will be required.......or may indeed be the cause.

No files have changed or moved/been updated etc.