i would deploy our ZCM TEST Environment wider and looking to deploy a
second primary ZCM10.3.3, but on a new Server with 64bit OS.

But there are a few questions.

1) ZCM10.3.3 isn't upgradable to ZCM11, right?
2) ZCM11.1 wouldn't release in the next few weeks, or?
3) can we deploy a SLES11SP2/64bit server with ZCM10.3.3 as second
primary into our ZCM10.3.3 Zone and upgrade later both Servers up to
4) can we wipe later the first ZCM 32bit/SLES10 Server and
rebuild/replace it with new SLES11/64bit OS?
5) bring ZCM11.1 a _much_ faster Imaging Engine for Win7 deployment, the
current is unacceptable slow. My Colleague is so frustrated about this,
he is now looking for alternatives to ZCM (SCCM!) 8-(

Thank you