Hello: I've been asked to look into a vpn to vpn connection with a third
party vpn server connection to our bm38sp2 vpn. Last week I had asked if
this was possible and the answer was yes (but).

Currently I have our vpn up and running to allow me secure access from home
for remote management. The vpn is setup as the master vpn server.

Now, if I try to connect to a third party vpn, will our server be a client
in this case (I assume so)? If so, how does this impact our current setup
as a master server?

Thanks in advance, Chris.

PS. Others have suggested (strongly) to simply buy a cheap vpn "box" that
the ohter end of the vpn knows they support. If I were to go this route,
how do I install this into our existing wan structure? We access the
internet through a single T1 connection of off the public NIC on the bm38
server. Assuming we but this "box" how does it fit in?