We're running ZCM 11, with the absolute latest imaging driver update. We
have a Dell Mini 1012 that will not start imaging because the required
network modules aren't loaded. A "hwinfo --netcard" shows that it should be
using the r8169 driver. I've tried the "newid" trick as well. When I try
to manually run "modprobe r8169", it says that r8169.ko cannot be found.
I've also tried forcing it to the r8168 module, but there are issues with
that showing up as an "unknown" module. I've also tried the
"brokenmodules=r8169" trick.

I've done quite a bit of searching, and there are some older entries with
regards to this, but one would think that those would have been fixed
somewhere along the line. Did the missing r1869 driver issue ever get
fixed? Otherwise, is there a way to get the r8168 driver to show up as a
network card driver instead of an "unknown" driver?