I have a strange issue, and it only seems to be happening to my Windows 7 clients.

When I attempt to remote control a Windows 7 workstation with the ZCM11 agents, it returns a message of "Initialization of Encryption for the Session Failed." That's annoying and I need to get it fixed, but here's the strange part. I also get the message if I disable session encryption both in the policy and in the window to start the Remote session.

I am at a loss, and there appears to be nothing in the forums or KB for this error (at least not that I found when searching last week).

Server Versions - 11.0.0 (running SLES10 x86_64)
Workstation Version - (running Win 7 Enterprise - both RTM and SP1)

Any suggestions of what to try? Or should I open an incident with Novell on this? Would there be any additional information that would be helpful?