I'm using GW 8.0.2 HP2 on virtual NW 6.5 SP8 in vSphere 4 environment using NFS for connection from vSphere to NetApp storage. One domain, one PO. MTA, POA, GWIA and WebAccess all running on the same box. Also running GWAVA 4.5 Release 9 as a virtual appliance in the same environment, same vSphere datastore.

Now with those details out of the way... ;)

Every 6 to 12 hours the GWIA no longer receives email from the GWAVA server. When I do a GWIA shutdown I notice many "SMTP session ended" messages (probably 16, same number of SMTP max threads) from the GWAVA IP just before shutdown. I logged into the GWIA HTTP site this afternoon and it had 7 SMTP Receive Queus that were Data/Time stamped from near the time I did a restart this morning (7:30 am) until about 2 pm. I restarted GWIA again and they cleared. Had I left it running it probably would have stacked up the hung SMTP Receive Queues again and effectively disabled incoming mail again.

Wondering if this is a GWAVA issue or a GWIA issue. I'm thinking GWIA because GWAVA continues sending as long as I reboot GWIA before the queues fill up. Over the weekend we had an extended outage and ended up having to reboot both GWIA and GWAVA to allow the mail to flow again.

There was one event that happened (possibly related) the day before GWIA started behaving this way. The NetApp controller used by vSphere for all VMs was restarted. The running VMs temporarily lost access to their storage while the services were brought up on the other controller. Then the original controller took back services. The VMs only lost access to storage for several seconds during each transfer of services. The only VM that had a hiccup was the NW server (the only NW VM). All other Windows and Linux VMs seemed to have recovered. I rebooted the NW/GW server and all seemed to be well. The only problem we've seen on this server since is GWIA as described above.

Any ideas or suggestions? I'm thinking the first thing to do is build a new GWIA and disable the old GWIA?

Thanks in advance,