If I can survive (no symptoms what so ever) the amount of Beer, Mead, Wine and Cachaša (sugar cane alcohol) I drank on Saturday I can't be too far down the hill.

I went to a town that is about town towns past the end of the earth this week end. I was lucky to survive. It was about 50 degrees with gusts up to 60mph. The house had so many holes in it we couldn't keep the stove lit.
I had thrown in one extra shirt and a jacket that ended up being the life savers.

There is one phone in this town. We were standing around gabbing with the locals when it rang. We went to answer it. When my girl friend's daughter answered it she pauses and gives me a quizzickle look, then blurts out "Lapinha!" (the name of the town). The caller wanted to speak with Paloma which the four people around us not only knew (clearly) but also knew where she was and where she would be going next. Someone said they would give her the message. I hope she got it.

It was pretty fun. I had been trying to get there for a couple of years now. It is the starting point for a three day forced march I am going to make my kids do. They don't know that yet.