I suspect this is an old one but on dial up I was able to log in, not
only using LAN VPN but also could complete a second stage and full login
using a Novell Client 3.32 sp1 for ME and 4.90 sp 2/3 for XP Home edition.

On ADSL I cannot log into the server using these Clients. (If I do
succeed it is painfully slow and more often than not fails altogether). I
can succesfully log into the system via LAN VPN and collect GroupWise
Mail but if I want to download files or otherwise use some of the
programs on the server I cannot. (We need to access an accounts program
as one of the users is our accounts manageress who is about to go on
maternity leave and will work from home).

I read somewhere that ME and XP home edition are not suitable for running
Novell Clients. Is this so? Is there a fix? Should I either upgrade the
home workers to XP pro or downgrade them to Windows 98.

Any help or reference to earlier exchanges on this topic would be

I run Netare 5.1 patch 7 with the subsequent TCP stack. Also running
Bordermanager 3.7 on a separate server (same 5.1 and patch) and VPN
client 3.7. (found VPN 3.8 was totally unworkable).

Bernard Mocatta (London UK)