Hello all, I have an oes2 sp2 linux server, with edirectory on it and several replicas, that boots healthy, but recently is stateing the edirectory error 6038. I rebooted the server several times and all seems healthy except the edirectory. I did find some threads via google, that suggested this might be a space issue, but i ran the a df from connant line, and over 50% of my drive is still empty. I am displaying all thge symptons that are explained in this thread:
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Many suggest the that local edir database is correupt, and even though the pid is running, edirectory is indeed NOT running as explained in the above thread, and there seems to be no way to repair the database. In the Netware days, one could reboot the server with the switch: -ndb, and then run a local repair...is there anything equivalent in Oes2 Sp2, or does anyone have any suggestions on how to fix this. I am open to ideas and would be very greatful, and the edir error are stacking up....